Power Plant Main Cooling Split Case Pump

Power Plant Main Cooling Split Case Pump

Energy Plant Principal Cooling Split Case Pump

Solution Description

Drainage CZPT Suction Drinking water Pump Break up Scenario Pump

Δ1.CZPT Pump Introduction 
Design QS agricultural irrigation water pump is a single-phase double-suction horizontal break up centrifugal pump and utilised to transportation pure water and the liquid of each actual physical and chemical character equivalent to people of drinking water, the maximum temperature of which need to not be in excess of 80ºC , suitable for drinking water provide and drainage in factories, mines, towns and electrical stations, waterlogged land drainage and irrigation of farming land and carious hydraulic initiatives.
Δ2. Design  
Ability:110-14400 m3/h
CZPT: eight.6-one hundred forty m
Pace:one hundred fifty-2900rpm
Materials:Stainless steel,Solid iron,Bronze etc
Coating: Preservative Treatment  

Δ3. Software for CZPT suction pump centrifugal horizontal solitary-phase pump 
Aerospace                        Oil & Gas
Building industry                Power Station
Chemical                           Petro-Chemical
CZPT Industry                Pharmaceutical
Marine                              Pulp & Paper
Mining & Aggregate          Water & Waste drinking water

Δ4.Specification of Drainage Douoble Suction Drinking water Pump Split Circumstance Pump

Design Circulation price CZPT Speed Power Eff Iimpeller Weight
(QS) (m3/h) (m) (rpm) (KW) (%) (mm) (kg)
QS150 110~220 35~84 2900 thirty~fifty five sixty seven~eighty 186~250 one hundred forty five~150
QS200 160~351 31~one hundred 2900 37~one hundred ten sixty one~85 193~284 219~265
QS250 324~612 eight.6~71 1450 22~132 seventy two~86 224~460 405~565
QS300 504~972 8~ninety eight 1450 thirty~three hundred 70~eighty four 225~540 845~660
QS350 745~1663 ten~140 1450 55~680 70~88 270~655 760~1580
QS400 900~1620 32~98 980~1480 155~five hundred 71.five~eighty four 510~535 1910
QS500 1150~2450 ten.six~108 740~970 a hundred and ten~800 70~89 390~860 2000~4330
QS600 2304~4000 thirteen~eighty 730~970 185~900 70~91 450~830 2500~4300
QS700 2111~4896 39.5~ninety nine.5 740~980 560~1250 52~92 415~850 5800
QS800 3960~7200 23.five~84 600~740 450~1600 seventy seven~ninety two 715~990 5100~8300
QS1000 6000~9900 32~52 600~990 1250 79~87 670~695 ten thousand
QS1200 5832~14400 6~ninety five.seven five hundred~745 710~3450 eighty~ninety 560~1200 12500~16000

Δ5. Business short introduction

In purchase to handel the the hefty responsibility operates and satisfy different situation, we have developed our material: increased the chrome percentage from foundation of 27% Cr, and added some rare metals right after examined All-natural rubber develope to synthetic rubber, polyurethane and stainless metal to duplex stainless steel. 

We are constantly insisting on substantial high quality and excellent soon after-sale support. Our slurry pump have max a few-year guarantee with lifelong soon after-sale provider. “An Pump is turning out to be one symbol of  quality and reliability in industrial pump area.”

We will hold running to fulfill much more customers’ needs. CZPTer gratification is our everlasting pursuit of ambitions, search CZPT to operating with you to generate the brilliancy together!


Power Plant Main Cooling Split Case Pump