Ykk Electrical High Voltage Motor Electric 750kw

Ykk Electrical High Voltage Motor Electric 750kw

Merchandise&colon YKK substantial voltage Motor for drinking water pump

YKK series motor is our business new items instand of the aged series JS JSQ&time period They are Lighter excess weight&comma larger efficiency&comma much more energy-conserving&comma lower noise&comma smaller vibration&comma greater reliability&comma for a longer time support life&comma and simpler mounting and servicing&time period

Suitable for ventilators&comma compressors&comma water pumps&comma crushers&comma chopping device equipment and transportation machineries&comma as well as other machineries&comma and act as a motive electrical power equipment industrial and mining establishments these kinds of as mining&comma machinery&comma petroleum&comma and chemical industries as effectively as the electrical power plant&comma and so forth&time period
The motors are of box-part design&comma the body is welded into box-part utilizing steel plate&comma and therefore the excess weight of motors is light-weight and rigidity i good&period Two sides and best of the body are all presented with the windows&comma which&comma on the 1 hand&comma is handy to keep and just take are of motors&comma and&comma on the other hand&comma can mount distinct coolers on the top of frame&comma hence getting capable of deriving the motors with different techniques of cooling and different levels of protection&period of time
The motors has a laminated core which is initial compressed and secured before it is equipped into the frame and then pressed into the machined frame&comma the motors have good insulating performance&comma higher mechanical toughness&comma higher dampness-resistance and for a longer time service lifestyle&period of time
The squirrel-cage rotors are of equally forged aluminum development and copper bar development&period The rotors are produced using superior&relible cast-aluminum and welding process&comma and are properly balanced&time period Consequently&comma the motors work easily and reliably&time period
Rolling bearing or sleeve bearings are utilized for the motors&comma dependent on the energy and velocity of motors&period of time Diploma of defense is IP44 or IP54&period The rolling bearing are provided with grease-filling and -diaining gadgets CZPT shutdown&time period
The major terminal box is positioned at the proper side of the motor&comma and can also be situated at the still left aspect on consumer ask for&period of time Inside and exterior of the terminal box all are provided with independent earthing terminals

Motor Overall performance

Electrical power assortment&colon 160kw-10000kw
Frame Size&colon 355-1000mm
Rated Voltage&colon 3KV 6KV 10KV
Speed&semi 3000rpm 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm
Defense Class&colon IP44 IP54 IP55
Cooling variety&semi IC611 IC616
Ambient Temperature&colon -15° C~40° C
Altitude&colon Not exceed a thousand Meter
Rated Frequency&colon 50Hz&sol60Hz
Insulation Course&colon F
Temprature increase&colon B
Working Obligation&colon S1&lparContinuous&rpar

Our Servies

WHY Select US

Stamping of lamination
Rotor die-casting
Winding and inserting – both handbook and semi-automatically
Vacuum varnishing
Machining shaft&comma housing&comma stop shields&comma and so forth
Rotor balancing
Portray – equally wet paint and powder coating
Motor assembly
Inspecting spare parts each and every processing
100&percnt test after every single approach and last test ahead of packing&period
Warranty Phrases&colon
one&time period Buy guarantee&colon We have massive generation capacity&comma can ship in a short time&period of time
2&period of time High quality warranty&colon We test every single motor 1 by one particular to ensure our good quality ahead of we produce the
Motors&time period
3&period of time Transport guarantee&colon We decide on the fastest and the most reputable CZPT agent to supply our motors&time period
Shipping and delivery terms&colon Ex-works&solFOB&comma CFR and CIF&period of time
4&time period Support following sale guarantee&colon Our motors warranty time&colon 12 months&interval And We have expert staff
Who work on services soon after sale to help you to resolve your technological dilemma&period We will try our best to
Solution all your concerns and boost the defect&time period
5&time period Replacement warranty&colon Once you find our motors is defected&comma we will exchange it unconditionally&period

450 2 800 &pm1&period75 1120 &pm1&period75 280 &pm4&period0 95 &plus0&period035
one hundred seventy &pm0&period50 twenty five -&period052 86 -&period2 450 -1&period0 35 &plus0&period62 950 930 1340 390 1250 2310
four a hundred and twenty 210 &pm0&period57 32 -&period062 109
six-eight 130 &plus0&period040
250 119
500 two 900 &pm2&period10 1250 &pm2&period10 425&ast a hundred and ten &plus0&period035
210 28 -&period052 a hundred five hundred 42 1080 970 1490 470 1320 2600
four 315 130 &plus0&period040
250 32 -&period062 119 2400
six-eight 140 36 128 0 -&period3 2500
560 two a thousand 1400 530&ast a hundred thirty 32 119 0 -&period2 560 1180 1030 1680 590 1450 2900
four 355 one hundred fifty 36 138 -&period3 2600
6-eight a hundred and sixty three hundred &pm0&period65 40 147 2800
00001&colon &astC&comma&time period

Ykk Electrical High Voltage Motor Electric 750kw