Yc Ycl Yy Yl Single Phase AC Electric Motor

Yc Ycl Yy Yl Single Phase AC Electric Motor

YC series single-phase asynchronous motor is generally identified as a capacitor commence motor. One section motor stator winding has a major winding and a secondary winding, the section variation of 90 degrees in room, We know that the single-section motor is the principal winding of the magnetic field is produced pulsating magnetic discipline, by means of the secondary winding and capacitor split section, in purchase to make a fixed rotation direction of the magnetic discipline, when the speed exceeds the70-80% part, the centrifugal change will cut off the secondary winding and the start off capacitor, capacitor begin motor is characterised by massive commencing torque, beginning torque is higher than one.8, reduced electricity issue, used to start demanding circumstances, solid iron shell motor.

   2.YC sequence large-obligation capacitor begin motor, YC collection of small electricity motors, aluminum shell MC series capacitor start motor. Structure have to have a centrifugal change and beginning capacitor, with a large commencing torque and great operation overall performance, little volume, gentle fat, minimal sounds, convenient servicing. YC series one-period asynchronous motor used to basic equipment and tools CZPT special specifications, these kinds of as agricultural machinery, foods equipment, fan, h2o pump, machine, mixing machine, air compressor.

Model No. Rated Power







Power Factor


220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r/min (2Pole)
YC80A-two .37 .5 three.seven 2880 sixty two .seventy three 2.8 six.five 1.eight
YC80B-2 .fifty five .seventy five five.3 2880 sixty five .73 2.eight six.five one.eight
YC80C-2 .seventy five one 6.7 2880 68 .seventy five two.eight 6.5 1.8
YC90S-2 1.1 1.5 9.one 2880 seventy one .77 2.four 7 1.8
YC90L-2 1.five 2 12.1 2900 seventy two .seventy eight two.4 seven one.eight
YC100L-two two.two 3 17.1 2900 seventy four .seventy nine 2.1 seven one.eight
220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r/min (4Pole)
YC80A-four .twenty five .33 three.four 1450 56 .6 two.eight 6 one.8
YC80B-four .37 .five four.five 1450 60 .sixty two 2.eight 6 1.8
YC80C-4 .fifty five .75 six 1450 sixty four .sixty five two.eight six one.8
YC90S-4 .75 one seven.7 1450 67 .66 two.4 6.five one.eight
YC90L-four one.one 1.5 ten.5 1450 70 .sixty eight two.four six.5 1.8
YC100L-four 1.five two thirteen.5 1450 72 .seven 2.4 6.5 1.8
YC112M-four two.2 three 19.three 1450 seventy two .72 2.2 6.5 one.8
YC132SA-4 3 4 twenty five.2 1450 74 .seventy three two.1 6.five one.eight
YC132SB-4 3.7 five 30 1450 seventy five .74 two.1 6.5 1.eight


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Yc Ycl Yy Yl Single Phase AC Electric Motor