Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor

QTVF Collection Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill” has a rated voltage of 380/6000 / 10000V, and is appropriate for the cement, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. Depending on the application, the ball mill can be driven directly. In comparison with the classic method, the reducer and hydraulic coupling are eradicated. In contrast with traditional systems, it has the traits of higher performance, power preserving, reduced sounds, maintenance-free, large commencing torque and steady operation. In addition, this item has also been broadly employed in ports, oil fields, mining equipment, textiles and other fields, and has gained unanimous praise from customers.


1. Substantial efficiency and energy conserving, the performance of the motor reaches the 1st-amount strength consumption (IE4) regular, and the energy conserving rate is earlier mentioned twenty%.

two. Big beginning torque, using vector control technology, no influence on the electricity grid and ball mill during commencing.

three. The technique can understand variable frequency pace regulation to make the ball mill run under the best problems.

4. The intermediate hyperlinks these kinds of as the reducer and the mechanical comfortable-lifting gadget have been eliminated, and the real servicing-cost-free operation has been accomplished.

5. Lowered quantity and easy set up.

Specification and Model

Use setting and other motor parameters
Enclosure rating

I P55

cooling method

IC46W (drinking water-cooled)

Work program

Steady working program (S1)

Insulation substance temperature ranking


Use ambient temperature

-20 ºC ~ 45 ºC

“QTVF Sequence Long lasting Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor” Choice Xihu (West Lake) Dis.:
Since the long term magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF sequence mills is a immediate-drive AC motor, no reduction gear (this sort of as a reducer) is essential when driving load equipment. For that reason, this technique of motor selection is based on the electrical power of common asynchronous motors. Kinds are diverse. The long lasting magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF collection mills should be picked in accordance to the rated torque.
Particular measures are as follows:
★ Establish the pace regulation range: the highest velocity of the motor ≥ the highest velocity necessary by the load gear (the mill is primarily based on the equipment ratio of the huge and little ring gears, or the ratio of the diameter of the pulley, the velocity of the drum, etc.). This product can alter the motor velocity in accordance to consumer requirements to accomplish the most ideal use effect.
★ Establish the electrical power of the load equipment. The newly installed tools can be selected according to the power essential by the manufacturing facility design and style. The greatest functioning energy of the motor ≥ the electricity necessary by the load tools.
★ Determine the driving torque necessary by the load gear calculate the driving torque essential by the load products based on the power and velocity of the load equipment.
★ According to the theory that the rated torque of the motor ≥ the driving torque essential by the load products, decide on the most ideal rated torque from the sequence of motors.
★ Figure out the electricity offer voltage (380V, 660, 6000V or 10000V). If the voltage in the spot of use is particular, you should clarify it in time and connect with our firm’s complex department.
★ Establish the motor design according to the chosen efficiency parameters.
★ Decide no matter whether the chosen motor is practical to put in according to the total proportions of the motor in the parameter table.
★ If the installation is handy, the motor model has been determined and the item variety is full.
★ In addition, our company can design and style and manufacture permanent magnet synchronous motors with voltage stages of 380V-10000V and energy amounts of 30kW-4000kW in accordance to consumer needs.
Requirements and basic parameters of QTVF series mills for everlasting magnet synchronous inverter motors




Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor