IP65 57mm intergrated bus closed-loop servo stepper motor with 4000CPR encoder

IP65 57mm intergrated bus closed-loop servo stepper motor with 4000CPR encoder

IP65 57mm built-in bus shut-loop stepper motor

CZPT specification
one.New floating stage 32-little bit MCU technology
two.The entire machine is dustproof and watertight, IP65 grade
three.one channel optocoupler isolated OC output
4.With serial port configurations and debugging
5.Variable existing management tremendously lowers motor heating
6.Encoder line variety 4000 traces (regular)
7.3 channels of optically isolated signal input, 2 of which are
8.higher speed optical coupling
9.Conversation frequency 100MHz
ten.Current can differ among .5-8A as the load alterations
11.1.5 moments overload capacity
12.The factory default is subdivided to 50000 (can be modified by software program)

Application subject
Ideal for all sorts of small and medium-sized automation tools and devices, this kind of as: lithium battery equipment, 3C tools, photo voltaic energy equipment, photovoltaic tools, services joint equipment, robots, CNC machine instruments, automatic assembly products. It is specially effective in applications where end users expect little noise and substantial velocity.

CZPTal index

Description IEC57
Minimal Common Greatest device
Output present (peak) .five eight. A
Enter source voltage (DC) 15 24/36/48 50 VDC
Manage sign enter present 6 ten 16 mA
Manage signal interface stage 4.5 five 28 Vdc
OC output pull-up voltage five 24 Vdc
Ether-CAT conversation frequency 100 MHz
Insulation resistance 100

Surroundings and parameters

Cooling technique Normal cooling or compelled air cooling
Environment Occasion It must not be put up coming to other heating tools. Dust, oil mist, corrosive gas, excessive humidity and robust vibration must be prevented. Flamable gas and conductive dust ought to not be authorized.
Temperature -10ºC ~ +50ºC
Humidity 40 ~ 90%RH
Vibration five.9m/s2MAX
Defense IP65
Storage temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Altitude Below one thousand meters
Weight one.2KG


The whole length of the IEC57-28 motor is L=133mm, Motor output is 2.8NM.
The overall size of the IEC57-twenty motor is L=128mm, Motor output is 2.0NM
The total duration of the IEC57-10 motor is L=107mm, Motor output is 1.0NM

Bolster heat dissipation
The dependable functioning temperature of the product is typically in sixty five °C, and it is suggested not to exceed 60 °C
It is suggested to use the FOC vector shut-loop control manner to minimize the heat produced by the motor and the driver. In the situation of robust rigidity requirements, the PM power angle shut-loop mode or the Lead closed-loop manner can be established
When setting up the driver, make sure you shell out attention to the air flow and warmth dissipation installation, and if required, forcibly dissipate warmth to make sure the product functions within the reputable doing work temperature range.

Ether CAT bus conversation input interface,CN3,8PIN interface(Dedicated cable connection)

Pin NO. signal Purpose Description
one TX+ Ether CAT data transmission positive end

Ether CAT IN

two TX- Ether CAT data transmission negative end
3 RX+ Ether CAT information reception positive conclude
4 RX- Ether CAT information reception unfavorable stop
five NC Not linked, reserved
6 NC Not related, reserved
7 NC Not connected, reserved
8 NC Not connected, reserved

Protective perform

  1. Short circuit safety:

When an interphase limited circuit occurs or an inner overcurrent happens in the driver, the purple mild of the driver lashes when and blinks continuously in 3 seconds. At this point, the fault must be discharged and the electrical power-on reset should be resumed.

two.Overvoltage security

IEC57 When the input voltage is larger than 55V, the pink light-weight of the driver flashes twice, and it flashes regularly inside of 3 seconds. At this point, the fault should be discharged and the power-on reset should be resumed.

three.Motor open up circuit security:

When the motor is open or not related, the push driver flashes crimson 4 times and flashes continuously in 3 seconds. At this stage, the fault should be discharged and the electrical power-on reset should be resumed.




Notice: Since the travel does not have the reverse polarity safety function of the electricity supply, make sure you verify the appropriate connection

Notice: The size of the motor’s output shaft can be CZPT. Whether or not the motor requirements to be geared up with a keyway can be CZPT, conversation cable, energy enter cable, handle signal cable length can be CZPT, other solutions can be consulted.


IP65 57mm intergrated bus closed-loop servo stepper motor with 4000CPR encoder