Computerized Register Gravure Printing Machine

Computerized Register Gravure Printing Machine

1. CZPT film Gravure printing machine Its printing pace is 100m/min, mechanical speed is 120m/min.

two. Unwinding and rewinding twin station turret, inching rotation.

three. Unwinding powder brake, automatic pressure.

four. Unwinding and rewinding air shaft

five. Pneumatic pressing roller,doctor blade,ink pump

6. Shaftess printing cylinder.

seven. Computerized registration with video inspection.

eight. CZPT heating or gas heating or oil heating.

9. Unbiased drying and suction exhausting program, air circulated, max recycled price fifty%, outside the house oven increase the volume of blowing air to ensure the drying.

10. Assisted oven on the prime of last printing unit can stop the very last color adhesive to the printing cylinder when the color protect the entire cylinder, producing the film fully dry.

eleven. Waste air eliminating tunnel.

twelve. Rewinding adopts two torque motor.

thirteen. Main motor: Frquency motor

14. Solid iron wallboard, thickness is 70mm.

CZPT parameter            Model DNAY800E DNAY1100E
World wide web width 800mm 1100mm
Printing speed Max eighty-100m/min Max eighty-100m/min
Print cyl. dia. Φ100-350mm Φ100-350mm
Rolling material dia. Φ570mm Φ570mm
Print cyl. cross adjustable 30mm 30mm
Print. cyl. longitudinal adjustable 100° 100°
Registering precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Complete power 127kw 127kw
Excess weight 9000kg 10000kg
All round dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 10600×2900×3571 10600×3200×3571



Computerized Register Gravure Printing Machine