Aln Ceramic PCB Copper Plating

Aln Ceramic PCB Copper Plating

Ceramic PCB
The Ceramic PCB items are combined with the excellent heat dissipation performance of industrial ceramic and the qualities of the metallic conductor&periodThe ceramic substrate and the metal film sintered into integrated circuit by using the technologies of precision automation printing or vacuum coating on the large precision ceramic substrate&period

Steady enter and output &semi
Substantial precision and minimal TCR&semi
Excellent heat dissipation functionality&semi
Free of damaging compound and eco-welcoming&period

Communication foundation station circuit board
LED ceramic heat dissipation electrical power module&semi
Ozone generator &comma vehicle sensor&comma sound-state relay &semi
High -precision monolayer and multilayer circuit board&semi
CZPT market and new power sector main parts&period

Al2O3 Ceramic Circuit CZPT CZPT&colon

Test Items CZPT Parameters Test Situations
Dimensions and tolerance Maintain in conformity with the complex drawing Microscope
Warping diploma one&periodConectar≤0&period2&percnt  2&periodMonolithic≤0&period05mm Warping admeasuring tool

Appearance Inspection

Defect Qualities Standards Test Circumstances
Fracture&comma stratification&comma scars and via gap Not permitted Visible
Salient stage&comma silver layer falls off&comma bumps&comma impurity Item area≤0&period2mm&commaCross area≤ &period1mm&commaother area≤0&period3mm 10 x microscope
Discolor Silver Layer discolor&colonNot allowed&comma ceramic substrates&colonLight yellow allowed Visible
Air pollution Not permitted Visual
Limited-circuit between conductor Line distance >0&period15mm Microscope

Printing Layer&solCoating Functionality&colon

Take a look at Things CZPT Parameters Take a look at Circumstances
Printing layer&solCoating graphic Hold in conformity with the solution drawing ten x microscope
Drying-out resistance Maintain in conformity with the product drawing Heating on heating board 300ºC&sol5min
Solder invasive Invasive location&geq95&percnt 260&pm5ºC&sol5&pm1 Sec immersion tin
Soldering resistance Unilateral adhered tin 75μm 260&pm5ºC&sol10&pm1 Sec immersion tin
Rigidity Printing layer >20gf Welding plate crossed φ130μm Cu
Adhesion Not stripping Tape cling to the area with 3M&num600&comma pace tear in the path 90ºC soon after 30sec

CZPTal Functionality &colon

Take a look at Products Criteria Take a look at Situations
Brief circuit Not authorized Switch Testers
Open up circuit Not authorized Change Testers

Dependability Tests&colon

Check Things CZPT Parameters Take a look at Situations
Pink ink check Not penetration Purple ink boiling 100ºC&sol1Hr
Thermal shock check Very good tightness and stratified&comma slide off and electrical efficiency is standard 1&periodTemperature&colon-55ºC&sol125ºC two&periodMin&sol2min 3&periodSwitching time Max10s four&periodTimes&colon15

Aln Ceramic PCB Copper Plating