2: 1 Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve for Electrilcal Insulation

2: 1 Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve for Electrilcal Insulation

two:one Polyolefin UL Approved Cable Sheathing Warmth Shrinkable Tube 

What is the Specific of Heat Shrinkable Tube?

one.2:1 Shrink Ratio (shrinks to one/two its first diameter)
two.Lengthwise Shrinkage Around 5-7% Throughout Shrink Process 
three.70ºC Shrink Temperature 
4.-55ºC to 125ºC Functioning Temperature Range 
five.Satisfies UL, CSA & MIL,Halogen totally free Requirements 
6.Flame Retardant (Except Clear Colour) 
seven.High resistance To Chemical compounds & Oils
eight.Rated for 600v

What are the Details of our  Heat Shrink Tube?

Application warmth shrink tubing that is utilised extensively for cable and wire harnessing, pressure relief, insulation, colour-coding, identification and protection
Content Polyethylene 
Shrink Ratio 2:1
Doing work Temperature -45°C~+125°C
Shrink Temperature 70°C
Flammability VW-one,self-extinguish 
Wall Kind Single
Thickness .15mm~.30mm
Accessible Measurement 1mm ID~50mm ID
CZPT Shade Black
CZPT Color Hues
Slicing Tool Scissor
Certification ROHS, Attain,Halogen Totally free
Sample Lead time As common 3-seven working days
Generation Guide time seven~ten days


Heatshrink tubing is the ideal way to create a limited, skilled end on any wire, hose or cable administration venture. After shrunk, the tubing will maintain its diminished state, even in elevated temperatures. Typical programs for the heatshrink tube incorporate: electrical insulation, termination, splicing, cable bundling, color coding, pressure aid, wire marking, identification, mechanical safety, corrosion defense, abrasion security and moisture and climate sealing.

two:1 heat shrink tubing ideal for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical security, wire/cable joints and everyday repairs and so on


Element No. Nominal Dimensions Shrink Ratio CZPTvered Packing
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Interior Diameter Wall Thickness (M/Spool)
MJ-HSTS-.six .6mm .15mm 2:one .30mm .28mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-.eight .8mm .15mm .40mm .30mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-1. one.5mm .18mm .60mm .36mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-1.5 two.0mm .20mm .80mm .40mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-2. two.5mm .20mm one.00mm .42mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-2.5 three.0mm .22mm 1.25mm .42mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-3. 3.5mm .25mm 1.50mm .46mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-3.five four.0mm .25mm 1.75mm .46mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-four. 4.5mm .25mm 2.00mm .48mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-4.5 5.0mm .25mm two.25mm .50mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-five. five.5mm .25mm two.50mm .50mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-five.five 6.0mm .28mm 2.75mm .56mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-6. 6.5mm .28mm 3.00mm .56mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-7. 7.5mm .30mm 3.50mm .58mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-8. eight.5mm .30mm 4.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-nine. nine.5mm .30mm 4.50mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-10. ten.5mm .30mm 5.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-eleven. 11.5mm .30mm five.50mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-twelve. twelve.5mm .30mm six.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-13. thirteen.5mm .36mm six.50mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-fourteen. fourteen.5mm .36mm 7.00mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-fifteen. fifteen.5mm .36mm seven.50mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-sixteen. 16.5mm .40mm eight.00mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-18. 19.0mm .40mm nine.00mm .70mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-20. 21.0mm .40mm ten.00mm .75mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-22. 23.0mm .40mm eleven.00mm .80mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-25. 26.0mm .50mm 12.50mm .90mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-28. 29.0mm .50mm 14.00mm .95mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-30. 31.0mm .43mm fifteen.50mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-35. 36.0mm .44mm 18.00mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-40. 41.0mm .44mm 20.50mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-50. fifty one.0mm .46mm 25.50mm .90mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-60. sixty one.0mm .47mm 30.50mm .96mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-70. seventy one.0mm .48mm 35.50mm .98mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-80. 81.0mm .50mm forty.50mm 1.00mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-90. 91.0mm .55mm 45.50mm one.10mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-100. a hundred.0mm .60mm fifty.00mm 1.20mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-120. 120.0mm .62mm 60.00mm one.30mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-one hundred fifty. 150.0mm .65mm seventy five.0mm one.31mm 25m


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2: 1 Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve for Electrilcal Insulation