1.9MW Electric Motor Synchronous Motor 60Hz

1.9MW Electric Motor Synchronous Motor 60Hz



T series ac efficiency synchronous motor
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Their voltage grade is 380V.660V,6KV,10KV……Amount of poles is 6 to 24,energy selection is 200KW to 1800KW.

Motor Efficiency

Electricity selection:160kw-6000kw

Frame Size:355-1000mm

Rated Voltage: 3.3KV six.6KV 10KV 11KV thirteen.8KV

Speed3000rpm 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm

Protection Course: IP44 IP54 IP55

Cooling typeIC611 IC616

Ambient Temperature: -15°C~40°C

Altitude: not exceed 1000 Meter

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Insulation Class: F

Temprature rise: B

Doing work Obligation: S1(Continuous)

Exhibition and generation of us

Usage of  synchronous motor
The motors of a few-section synchronous are uesd for dniving big machinerydemanding invanable speed. Forexample industnal fan.reciprocating compressor.Kibbler,drinking water pump.rolling mill auxilixry push,etc. They are characterised by ldading electrical power aspect that can ameliorate the factor of the web.reloiable operation,hifh of larger above load several than the same three-stage AC asynchronous motors.otherw ise the loading changes.
Their voltage quality is 380V.660V,6KV,10KV……Variety of poles is six to 24,electricity variety is 200KW to 1800KW.
They are highlighted by innovative technological innovation.sensible construction,substantial insulation grad.good elecncal characteristic.affordable procedure and convenient installation &servicing. Before it leaves the factory,all motors shall have passed rigorous electrical inspection and managing take a look at would like certain performances.
The motors have two building sorts.salient pole and cryptic pole,and two mouning types,and horizontal sort. The motors can be made two development typed,a single would like shaft and bearing(IM7311),the other CZPT shaft and bearing (IM7311),The tyoe of cooling is often opening (IC01)and other varieties, The outer shell,s standard safety course is typically IP00.also can be manufactured of IP23 and other degrees, The insulation class is F. The temperature distinction is measured by course B. The way of excitation is ststic excitation, If the client want other demand from customers, the motorscan be made into particular kinds with salt-fog humidity &mould-proof or for substantial elevation.

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Ordering Informations

one.Make sure you indicate the motor type,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous velocity,Explosion proof Mark,mounting variety,rotation path(look at from the shaft extension aspect)Use of the atmosphere(indoor or exterior)If the person havn’t position out the rotation and environment,normailly we feel is CW roration and utilized indoor.

two.when user have specific requirments,For instance:Dispose the stator,bearing explosion proof and bearing temperature sensors,room heater,Plateau use,specical frequency,mounting measurement adjust,special output,the consumer should ,order can be validate after signing the specialized arrangement with engneering office .

3.The catalogue is only fpr reference,and there may be variations.

four.This variety of motor can also be made into Variable-Frequency motors,the selection of frequency of which is -100HZ,the output and general dimensions ought to be verify independently.

Strong Package Ensure Motor safe enough for Ship or Truck Transportation


Rated voltage 6kv, 3kv, 10kv
Electricity selection 450-10000kw
Defense degree IP44, IP54

1.9MW Electric Motor Synchronous Motor 60Hz